Kosher Kock

Yet another Spotted Dick for you all courtesy of Steve C, loyal Flanger and first-time contributor.

Rather than me explain the greasy monstrosity I’ll let him justify it himself:

“I take a childish comfort to discover I’m not the only one who unintentionally sees willies in everyday surroundings.

Upon opening my packet from the fish ‘n’ chip shop, bugger me if I hadn’t ordered penis and large chips.”

Greasy sausage

Oxymoronic oldfella

I know it’s grim but look closely fellow Flangers, it’s surprisingly anatomically correct – well for Roundheads certainly, if not Cavaliers.

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2 Responses to Kosher Kock

  1. Matt says:

    A couple of questions, which end of that sausage is the business end, and did he really eat it, cause long roll back foreskin looking knob sausage aside, it looks like a grim serve FnC? cheers matt

    • The business end is clearly the left hand side. Just look a little more closely, even though it really is very grim. I don’t know if Steve C ate the deep fried filth or not as it was unclear in his email. Well Steve, did you? But one thing is for sure, that is one of the worst sausauge and chips I’ve ever seen.

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