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I’m not eating my dinner off that!

Yet another tenuous todger for you all, and just in time for Saturnalia. Thanks to the regular MoB reader and now honoury member of the Flange for this lovely picture of the table at her family’s early Christmas gathering. Advertisements

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Is that a truncheon in your hand or are you just pleased to see me constable?

Yet another Spotted Dick for puerile perusal, thanks to Allana for sending this in.

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I’m snow very sorry

 Inevitably I was running late for work the other day and had to run to get to the station in time for my train. Me running is amusing at the best of times but with the addition of snow and … Continue reading

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Alarming mumuendo

My god! Yet another piece of accidental innuendo from my mummykins. One of my New Year’s resolutions will have to be to visit my mooty more, this stuff just keeps on coming! When talking about getting her burglar alarm fixed … Continue reading

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Up the creek

Some aquatic Mumuendo for you to get your oar into.  When talking about an ill-judged Cornish boating trip with her partner my mother dearest said:

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Another prime cut of Mumuendo courtesy of my dear old ma, in the sense that without my childish interjections it would have passed entirely unnoticed. When talking to a group of close family about the various solutions she had considered for a particularly troublesome financial problem my mum … Continue reading

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Ear piercing scream

My right ear looks like it’s pierced, it’s not. It looks like I did it myself, I didn’t. I’ll explain all. You won’t believe me, no-one ever does.

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