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Night fuss 2 – The Revenge of the Night Bus

On friday, I made a terrible terrible error. I fell asleep on the night bus (yes, I’m aware this is ironic given the recent Night Fuss travesty). I was tired, nothing to do with the going drinking after work, foolishly following … Continue reading

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Precipitating penoid

Well what can I say? I go to all the effort of carefully crafting travesties for you and instead you want pictures of tenuous todgers so much that you send them in.

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Another pavement penis

This is getting out of hand! Like that little kid in the Sixth Sense who said “I see dead people. All the time”, I now see penises, all the time (and no, not because I’ve started to go to backstreet saunas. … Continue reading

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Look at the mess you’ve made of my rug!

A freshly squeezed example of my mum’s on-going accidental innuendo, will this mumunedo never cease? Said when slighty losing her cool with two young children who were pushing each other around her front room in a cardboard box: “Please stop sliding that dirty … Continue reading

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Shiny bellend

 It’s catching. It-looks-a-bit-like-a-knob-itis is sweeping the nation. Thanks to Allana, you massive Northern Monkey, for this latest Spotted Dick.

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Star Wars reek

I used to be an avid collector of Star Wars stuff. I say “used to” like I had a road to Damascus moment and realised it was horrendously sad and pathetic and gave it up out of choice. I didn’t. I still have an attic … Continue reading

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Beaty Swollocks

Writing Fuss Pots reminded me of another travesty at the same pub. It was high summer, I was working a back to back double shift (two 14 hour days in a row). Instead of going home at the end of … Continue reading

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Fuss pots

When I was a student I used to work in a pub during the holidays. This turned me into a very bitter person. Standing up all day long whilst people are enjoying themselves, eating, and slowly getting pissed evokes, at best, … Continue reading

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Just about a Johnson

Another example of my inability not to see things that look a bit like knobs, everywhere I go.

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Fret dream

Another update for you all. Not least because of all the demanding emails I’ve been getting, asking for another travesty write-up. But despite what some of you think my life isn’t a string of end-to-end travesties, so I’ve had to … Continue reading

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