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I’m walkin’ here! I’m walkin’ here!

The other morning on the way to work all my trains were cancelled so I had to piss about getting to the nearest underground station. I was less than chuffed about this but it did mean I witnessed a truly fantastic street … Continue reading

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Wrong end of the stick

I’m slighty breaking the rules here – which is fine as I made them, there aren’t really any anyway and if there were, which there aren’t, they are in a constant state of flux anyway – as I’m relaying a story … Continue reading

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Puss in boots

The other day I had to go and oversee a radio ad being recorded. Trust me, this sounds more glamorous than it was. Being pious I decided to walk from my office in Westminster to the recording studio in Soho. … Continue reading

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Cum on over to my place

I suppose not strictly speaking mumuendo this one as my little brother (he’s taller than me and has been since he was 11 and I was 13. Nice!) made it happen. But it made me laugh nonetheless.

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Cum on over to my place part 2: The girl next door

Some more mumuendo for all you juvenile shit-for-brains. Don’t be offended – I meant that affectionately in the same way that the most sincere greeting or farewell between my brothers and I is a ‘fuck-off’ v-sign.

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