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Sticks and stones

A long time ago in a suburb far far away I, along with my brother and his mate, would have to run the gauntlet home from primary school petrified we would meet Dickwalk.

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Malty mumuendo

Another Mumuendo classic for you on this fine Thursday. Will my mum’s well of accidental innuendo ever run dry? I hope not. When talking about drinking Horlicks:

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Muchas mumuendo

I’ve seen my mum a lot over the last few days and her accidental innuendo has been more frequent than the Daily Mail’s claims about carcinogens. Check out Mumuendo for the latest crop, below is a sneak peek. Talking about her just opened … Continue reading

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Tenuous todgers

I think there is something wrong with me, I’m now seeing things that look a little bit like knobs everywhere I look.   The Spotted Dick section has been updated with a positive plethora of possible penises for your puerile perusal and presented below is … Continue reading

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Trouble and strife

I was only involved in the following travesty as very much a peripheral observer, but when I think about it I still let out a little groan and my toes curl like someone being shagged with their tights on.

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Chalk it up

I stumbled upon this joyous piece of middle class passive aggression whilst out on a walk yesterday. The only improvement I’d make

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Curiosity killed the shat

Many moons ago I was on a GCSE geography field trip in Swanage. One evening I found myself in a stud partitioned shithole of a classroom, putting the finishing touches on a sketch of Lulworth Cove that a dyspraxic 6-year-old would have been ashamed … Continue reading

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What an amazing smell you’ve discovered!*

Documenting Mumuendo has stirred a few memories of other familial accidental innuendo – it must be genetic. Irish Great Aunt showing my older brother, who at the time was about 17, and his brand new girlfriend round her garden: “Come here and sniff me … Continue reading

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The appliance of science

More Mumuendo thanks to Mummy Chacma. Explaining how to generate static on a balloon to make your hair stand up. “No, no, no! You have to rub it really hard, then hold and you’ll see it rise up.”

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On a promise

I’ve updated Spotted Dick – my arboretum dedicated to pictures of things that look a bit like knobs. There is a sneak peek of one below. Dick Spotted: August 2010, Barnet, North London Normally the Spotted Dicks don’t need explanation … Continue reading

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