“Large doner please mate”

Not a Spotted Dick this one as it’s more of an accidental textual reference to a vertical bacon sandwich, but as it combines puerile humour, is on the front cover of a kids book and reminded me of something terrible a colleague once said I decided to share it with you all.

Giant flaps

"Chill sauce?"

As for what my colleague said I’ll share that too.

I was at a 5 day trade show in Florida – this might sound exciting but it involved being in a windowless exhibition hall by day and eating BBQ ribs in themed restaurants by night.

During an excruciating night out in a family diner various work mates (mates, really?) started talking loudly and drunkenly about the merits of certain types of lady gardens.

One bloke stood up, pulled a pervy Les Dawson gurn, held his arms out, put the backs of his hands together whilst wiggling his fingers like David Bellamy emerging from a hedgerow and in a booming growl said:

“Ooohh, I like a bit of meat hangin’ awt!”

Thanks to Tom M – for the photo not the quote.

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