Dirty streetwalkers

Not strictly speaking Mumuendo this one as I overheard a stranger in the street but other than that it’s exactly the kind of accidental innuendo that’s right up my Mum’s staircase.

I was walking behind four middle-aged women who for some reason insisted on dressing like their teenage daughters shouldn’t.

They were clutching souvenir programmes from Legally Blonde – this is astonishing in itself as it seems to indicate they managed to sit through a musical without topping themselves – and waddling past a stall full of tourist tat which was being packed up by the Eastern European bloke who was running it.

As they got closer he bent down to slide a long piece of wood underneath the stall and one end of it waved very near one of the women’s legs. Her poetically gifted friend said:

“Shit Margaret, that pole nearly went right up ya!”

I’m not sure if she was talking about the wood or the bloke.

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