Supermarket superciliousness

I was picking up a few BBQ bits and bobs at a local supermarket, one that is literally and metaphorically on the wrong side of the tracks from my house, and listening to the In Our Time podcast about Cogito Ergo Sum – it’s Latin for ‘I think therefore I am’ you fucking numpty.

The podcast topic struck me as particularly ironic as my fellow shoppers, who at the best of times look like the residents of the Thunderdome in Mad Max, were all stumbling around the shop with the unmistakeable slack-jawed facial expression “Think? I’m not sure if I can.”

Anyway I continued my condescending cruise around the shop no doubt looking at my commerce companions in the same way a minor royal would stare out of their mini-bus at a million flag waving proles, when I realised I’d been so distracted I’d not only listened to the whole podcast but I hadn’t really understood a word of it.

Which just goes to show you can take take an idiot to culture but you can’t make him think.

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