Trouser snake

It’s been a while since I updated MoB and I’ve been getting complaints, which is a compliment I suppose. But I need to point out that my life, despite appearances and my constant frowning, is not made up of wall to wall travesties. Often things happen to me that I’d class as a ‘minor travesty’ but I don’t think they pass the comedy muster for MoB. I try to set the bar fairly high, as you’ll no doubt all agree.

Anyway I was walking through St James’ Park thinking I was long over due a travesty and the following happened. Now this may well be the shortest MoB travesty ever and if I’m honest it’s not so much the actual situation that’s the travesty but more my description of it – which whilst literally accurate perhaps could have been phrased better when I relayed the story to an office full of colleagues.

“I was just walking through St James’s Park and I saw an old boy* sitting on a bench with his Python out, warming it in up the sunshine.”

It really took me by surprise because when I was walking towards him he looked like he was holding wood.”

 *Interestingly he looked and coughed exactly like Uncle Peter from The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer.

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