What a shithole!

Because my family and I have a childish sense of humour we love nothing more than changing the names of tube or train stations to something inappropriate and pejorative to the area – classics such as Anus Groove (Arnos Grove), Shatfield (Hatfield) and Bell-end Hard-on Shitty (Welwyn Garden City) keep use entertained for literally minutes on end.

Actually thinking about it all of these were made up by my Uncle. He is a very judgemental and angry man, lovely bloke with it though.

Anyway, I’ve just been sent the following photo by a regular MoB reader and now honorary member of the Flange.

No need for a play on words with this station and for the slow of mind among you here’s a clue. It’s the one that begins with A and sound it out phonetically – if you know what that means and can read.

Right up my Norwood Junction

Sounds like a bit of a hole!

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2 Responses to What a shithole!

  1. Stefan Dennis says:


    Uncle Stefan Dennis here. Thank you for the name check – I am particularly proud of my Anus Groove.

    Whilst I haven’t personally visited the destination you reference in your post, I have heard from many (interestingly, universally male) people that it’s a very pleasant ride. For myself, I’m yet to be convinced of the benefits of travelling that far south, preferring to limit my adventures to the Hammersmith and City line.


    Uncle Stefan.

  2. Stefan Dennis says:

    ooops – I used a name I shouldn’t have!

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