Roomy restaurant

Another picture update for you today, you whingeing ingrates – I love you all really! Not strictly speaking a Spotted Dick but worth including me thinks. The picture doesn’t need explaining, it really does speak for itself. But one question for you all. Why? Why did they give their bar and grill this name?

Got me thinking though, I’m going to open an oyster bar and call it the Fishmonger’s Dustbin.

 Spotted: Victoria, London, April 2011

It looks roomy...

It was nearly called "The Clown's Pocket"

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2 Responses to Roomy restaurant

  1. thorpie says:

    major lolz
    is this the one near Channel 4? Think me and Beav had a chuckle about that one day.
    apart from a gaping fanny, what is a loose box?

  2. Yes, it’s down by Channel 4.

    A very good question Thorpie, but one for which I have no answer!

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