Cum on over to my place part 2: The girl next door

Some more mumuendo for all you juvenile shit-for-brains. Don’t be offended – I meant that affectionately in the same way that the most sincere greeting or farewell between my brothers and I is a ‘fuck-off’ v-sign.

Anyway, this mumuendo is a combination of the real thing with a sonuendo upgrade, which I think made it better than it could possibly of been.

My mum was talking about being locked out and having to go over to a neighbour’s house. The neighbour is a woman in her sixties who likes nothing more than working on her allotment and eating carob bars (it’s always surprised me that carob is a chocolate substitute, given what it actually tastes like.  But then I imagine the neighbour would have had even more of a hard time getting me to eat it when I was a kid if she’d said “Would you like a carob bar? It’s not actually made of shit, but it tastes just like it”). Describing how long she was locked out for my mum said:

“I was in Rosemary for five hours”

I exclaimed:

“You were in Rosemary for five hours?”

My mum said, ever wary of mumuendos:

“I was in Rosemary’s for five hours”

I said, because I couldn’t help myself:

“Rosemary’s what?”

My mum looked at me like a battle worn veteran with a glint in her eye and said:

“FANNY! Happy now?”

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