The stuff of nightmares

Once again I can rely on my generous maker for supplying more accidental innuendo. But before I delight you with my Mum’s latest slip of the tongue I’d like to address a pressing point. I keep getting asked if these are true. So for the last time, YES! What would be the fucking point of making them up! They’re funny because they’re true.

Said when explaining that she was so unsettled by a nightmare she had that she nearly rang her partner for comfort:

“It was so bad I nearly rang Peter in the middle of the night, to ask him to come round and sort me out.”

I can’t speak for my mother obviously but if I’m honest, Peter coming round in the middle of the night and sorting me out tends to cause the nightmares, not cure them.

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2 Responses to The stuff of nightmares

  1. Matt says:

    Who’s Peter

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