Is that a truncheon in your hand or are you just pleased to see me constable?

Yet another Spotted Dick for puerile perusal, thanks to Allana for sending this in.

Policemen's helmet

'ello, 'ello, 'ello. What have we here then?

This picture reminded me of a Politics lesson I was in at school, as we all sat down at the start we all got the giggles because in large chalky letters, written on the board from the previous lesson, was “Penal Reform” .

The teacher, who was a total wanker, got angry and called us all junvenile imbeciles and angrily pulled the board down (it was one of those black boards on a roll) to reveal the next panel. It had written on it in massive letters “Wanker!” and an arrow pointing directly at his head.

Merry Christmas!

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