I’m snow very sorry

 Inevitably I was running late for work the other day and had to run to get to the station in time for my train. Me running is amusing at the best of times but with the addition of snow and ice on pavement I looked like a newly born dear trying to run away from a wolf through a puddle of washing up liquid. Added to this one of my shoe laces came undone but I literally didn’t have enough time to do it up, so I stumbled on.

When I sat down on the train I lifted my leg up on to my knee so I could do my shoe lace up. As I did this a cashew nut sized chunk of slushy, gritty, filthy and no doubt dog pissy snow flicked off my shoe lace and hit the guy sitting opposite me in the cheek.

He looked at me like I just a helped Jabba the Hutt give him a pearl necklace and I mouthed like a goldfish laying on carpet, shrugged and eventually squeaked “Sorry”.

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