Am I minging*?

*That’s the first and last time I quote Jade Goody – for some people even death doesn’t bring misunderstood genius status.

I was walking in the pissing rain and decided to pop into Pret for a bargainous 99p coffee.

The guy in front of me was also on the 99p tip. The not unattractive girl behind the counter handed it to him, he fumbled for his cash and as he slapped a tenner down on the counter she said, in a very compelling husky and heavily accented (foreign, not regional – I’m trying to hint at a minxy sexy undercurrent for fuck’s sake) voice “don’t worry, it’s on me”.

He said “Why?” and she blushed and purred “I feel like, and why not?”.

He left smiling, I ordered and eagerly awaited my forthcoming flirty freebie.

She popped my coffee on the counter, I gave her my most enigmatically flirty smile and she looked at me and growled:


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