I’m feeling bilious

A wonderful of example of my mum’s frequent and unintentional innuendo. I’d forgotten about this but was reminded yesterday by a friend of mine. Thank’s for the rush-hour text message, laughing out loud on a rammed train is by no means unsettling or irritating for my fellow worker bees.

Shortly after a friend of mine moved in with my mum (Take it easy! It was as a lodger and “only for six weeks while I find a place to live in that London” – it took him 2 years to find a flat that was “just right” and was a bit weird as I no longer lived at home at the time) she was commenting on her resultant change of diet and said:

“Since Dave’s moved in I’ve been eating ever such a lot of meat”

The above travesty has been added to the Mumuendo compendium

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