Welcome to Manifestations of Baboonery

My attempt to document life’s amusingly excruciating situations or travesties as I like to call them. 

You’ll find my ever-expanding collection of travesties here, on this page.

Check out Mumuendo for the latest examples of my Mum’s frequent and accidental innuendo.

Also, depending on how juvenile you are you may like Spotted Dick, pictures I’ve taken of things that looks a bit like knobs.


Professor Chacma*

*Professor Chacma is my blog alter ego, because I want to remain anonymous for now. Chacma is a type of baboon – geddit?

PS If you like what you see please share the baboonery with your friends and subscribe (it’s free, just enter your email) to get an email every time Manifestations of Baboonery is updated.

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